Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lace Knitting in Pure Silk - Evening Star Shawl

There's more to lace knitting than just yarn over knit two together, right? Well while that is true it does give a breathing space to all that pattern work. The Evening Star Shawl by Jocre arts is made with one skein of Ivy Brambles Pure Silk (shown in Night Sky) and features silver lined size 8 seed beads. The shawl is quite stunning and at first glance looks like a lot of work, but is it?

Working on size 4 needles the shawl starts with a small lace pattern, with just a few stitches cast on, the increases are worked down the spine extending the small lace pattern with a feather and fan (simply yo, k2tog) creating the triangle. The shawl is finished by picking up the stitches across the top edge and adding the borders.

Would I consider it an easy shawl? It certainly isn't difficult. The beading is added as you go using a small crochet hook and a very simple technique described in the pattern. The lace work is manageable with no oh so complex or difficult stitches. Using stitch markers we can isolate each section, and the feather and fan gives us time to breath and moves the project along quickly. If you don't knit tight and can read a chart this project is definitely not difficult. If not then perhaps it time to learn!

What about working with silk? Silk, at least high quality silk like Ivy Brambles Pure Silk, is very nice to work with. It can stand being ripped out many times without breaking or fuzzing. Stitch definition is excellent showing off your handiwork like no other, and the silky shine is second to none. Add to that Ivy Brambles fabulous semi-solid translucent colors and you have a sure winner!