Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sock Knitting - What's your poison? New 9 inch circular needles.

Only a short while ago socks were all knit on double point needles. More recently new techniques have been introduced, like small circular, then magic loop, and more recently the small 9 inch circulars. Until recently we hadn't tried the new circulars, favoring magic loop or double points, so we thought we should give them a try. Pictured above is a new yarn, Funky Monkey Sock Yarn, a very soft hand dyed sock yarn. We chose the Monkey Princess colorway which knits up quite beautifully, as can be seen from the above picture. To knit the socks we chose Clover's brand new 9 inch bamboo circulars in size 2. The quality of the bamboo used is very high, and the result is a very smooth needle which is very easy to knit with. It took a while to get used to the small needles. The short length doesn't give a lot to get hold of but not having to keep pulling the cable through, or switch needles makes progress a lot faster than competing techniques, provided you can handle the small needles. Our verdict - definitely worth a try. We have both the needles and a full range of Funky Monkey Sock yarn available on our online store.

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